About me

Hello, Hello

My name is Kim Leuenberger and I am a photographer, videographer (and a bit of everything-er) based in London, UK.

Long story short (the longer version of the story of my life is below), I moved to the United Kingdom from Switzerland, where I grew up, four years ago to study Photography at the University of the Arts London, where I gained experience and explored fields such as fine art photography, book making and videography.  In August 2017, I graduated from London College of Communication with a degree in Photography with the work, In Search of the Unfathomable Unicorn.

All the while studying, I also carried on working as a freelance photographer, and collaborated with the likes of Hertz, Huawei, Volkswagen and Netflix, and lot more. I travelled all around the world and shared my work on my two instagram channels, @kim.ou and @travellingcars .
(photo by Alexandra Lhermite-Schwass @whatalexloves )
The question I get asked a lot is where I got my travelling bug and passion for Photography from? It was definitely passed on to me by my parents, who have never been able to stay still in one place and gave me my own little throwaway camera and subsequent photo album each holiday we went to until the life changing invention of digital cameras.

But I believe that my thirst for adventures around the globe really started when, armed by my trusted camera and my flock of retro toy cars in my backpack, I joined what was a little new app called Instagram, more than 6 years ago.
I had just graduated from high school in the beautiful city of Porrentruy in the Swiss Jura (you must visit this place once in your life!) when I spent my whole summer photographing and collecting miniature toy cars around Tuscany and Catalunya. Then, that October, I started University in Pharmacy in Basel (I bet you didn't see that once coming) up until I realised that my real calling was to be out in the world capturing images with my camera.
In the year that followed I juggled various jobs in the travel industry, in Dublin, Tunisia, Turkey and Switzerland, up until I realised my dream of entering an art school in London, where I subsequently moved to and fell in love with.

In the past 4 years, my photography has been featured by the likes of the BBC and BBC travel, The Guardian , Spiegel , ABCnews , Lonely Planet , Boredpanda and more. I was also filmed for an episode of Euromaxx , and enjoyed giving presentations at various Travel Events, such as Travel Perspective, Traverse and WTM.

As mentioned earlier, I work on a regular basis as a commercial photographer for various lifestyle brands, creating photographic and video content. 

Some of my most notable projects were for example my 2016 collaboration with Huawei for the Launch of the P9 camera in collaboration with Leica, where I was filmed experiencing the brand new phone and interviewed about my love for photography, or when we filmed various 'How To" videos on how to use their smartphone.

I then was selected out of more than 500'000 applicants to be one of Netflix's Grammasters and travel around Europe and recreate scenes from Iconic movies. 

During my final year of university, myself and fellow classmate Alexander Pullin collaborated to create the film and book called: In search of the Unfathomable Unicorn. We both wrote the script, directed, shot, acted and edited this mockumentary  where scientists Anita Van de Berre and Winston Heaviside-Gardner went on the hunt to find the ever elusive and magical Unicorn.

 This summer, right after my graduation show, I went on one of my most memorable trips to date, an amazing roadtrip from Miami to LA in collaboration with Hertz. There's not quite any places like the wide open road to get to know another country and feel like a real adventurer!

Besides working on custom commercial photographic projects,  I enjoy travelling around the world and documenting and discovering new cultures. This thirst to discover more and document the world through my eyes is my way of communicating with this beautiful world!

Want to know more or (hopefully) collaborate, please drop me an email (hello@kimou.co) and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible!